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The Story of Collette's Uniform Company

I’m a fashion designer who transplanted from NY to Phoenix in 1978, newly divorced and with two young children. I had a couple of temporary jobs until I found a dream job with Bobby McGee’s Restaurant Company, where I got to design costumes for the employees. I spent three years designing Snow Whites, Cinderellas, Robin Hoods, and many other characters—what fun!


It was then that I started making uniforms for other companies to offset our overhead at McGee’s. During that time, I designed and manufactured uniforms for The Biltmore Hotel, Royal Palms, and many other properties. Finally, that part of the business grew so large that Bob and I parted ways and I started Collette’s Uniform Company, which I named after my mother, Collette, in honor of and gratitude for her sending me to Fashion Design school.


Picking Up Litter
Summer Family Dinner

That was in 1985, and since then we've gotten the greatest clients—schools, restaurants, sports teams, healthcare workers, and families, just to name a few—and we do everything conceivable to meet their needs. Three generations of my family have grown up in this company, learning not only the nuts and bolts of the business, but also the importance of great customer service and quality products. My children and grandchildren can often be found manning the register, the sewing machine, or the embroidery machine; taking orders; helping guests; and a plethora of other things.


Come in and discover the legacy of Collette's—decades of experience in garment design and manufacturing, with quality and style taking top priority, combined with the family feel that so few companies today can offer. Our workmanship, service, and pricing is worth your time, I guarantee it!




Linda Hunter


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